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El Molino High School is a 41-acre college-like campus renowned for its diversity, student friendly atmosphere, integrated athletics programs and rigorous academics.


El Molino High School is located in western Sonoma County, in the small unincorporated town of Forestville. Our campus sits in the heart of a world-renowned wine-producing region. Our location incorporates the best of rural living with the urban amenities afforded by Santa Rosa, located 12 miles from El Molino. El Molino High School serves a large geographic area extending from Sebastopol to Fort Ross, from Santa Rosa to the Pacific Ocean.

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El Molino is built on land that was once part of the El Molino Rancho, a Mexican land grant made to Captain Juan Bautista Cooper in 1833. Captain Cooper named his land El Molino, meaning “The Mill Ranch,” and built the first commercial sawmill on his ranch in 1834. Some of the land was retained by Captain Cooper’s heirs and the rest was sold to pioneers moving to the area. On November 7, 1960, the Analy Union High School Board of Trustees voted to hold a bond election to build a second high school for the growing student population. El Molino High School started operating as a high school in July of 1963.


El Molino High School was named a California Distinguished School


El Molino High School was named a California Distinguished School


First League (NBL II) Championships: Football, Cross Country, Baseball, and Track


Library-Media Center opened


El Molino High School was named a California Distinguished School


Opening Day of El Molino High School on new Forestville campus


Monday Tuesday/Thursday Wednesday/Friday
Period 1, 7:35-8:27 Period 2, 7:35-9:10 Period 1, 7:35-9:07
Period 2, 8:32-9:27 Brunch, 9:10-9:25 Brunch, 9:07-9:20
Brunch, 9:27-9:42 Period, 4 9:30-11:10 Period, 3 9:25-11:06
Period 3, 9:47-10:39 Tutorial, 11:10-11:40 Break, 11:06-11:11
Period, 4 10:44-11:36 Lunch, 11:40-12:10 Period 5, 11:16-12:48
Period 5, 11:41-12:33 Period 6, 12:15-1:50 Lunch, 12:48-1:18
Lunch, 12:33-1:03 Period 7, 1:23-2:55
Period 6, 1:08-1:59
Period 7, 2:04-2:55


El Molino SPORTS


El Molino is renowned for its integrated approach to athletics, which links (1) each team with all other teams, (2) sports with academics, and (3) El Molino athletes with middle-school students. El Molino athletes are encouraged to play multiple sports, and coaches meet to coordinate goals and workouts; athletes attend tutoring sessions, and coaches track grades; athletes visit middle schools, and coaches put on youth clinics. El Molino athletes are not just part of one team but members of a whole sports program, where they enjoy playing time and one-on-one coaching. Contact Athletic Director Mike Roan for more information.


FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS: Need a physical for El Molino High School Fall Sports? We are offering FREE sports physicals to all athletes attending El Molino High School in the 2013 - 2014 school year here on campus in the locker rooms. Call the Health Tech at 707-824-6513 for more information about upcoming dates.

Athletic Participation Packet (PDF)

Winter Sports and Schedules


Merissa Silveira, Music Director
Email: [email protected]

Music Program Event Schedule

The El Molino Music Department offers courses in Choral and Instrumental music. Students receive instruction to improve their voices and instrumental technique, and also work in ensembles, both large and small. Music students are often involved in cross-currricular activities with other classes. Groups perform at music festivals, and a variety of school and community events and venues. The Music Council club provides leadership for the Department, and a social outlet for students.

Alexandra Dido, Theatre Arts Director
Email: [email protected]

Upcoming Performances

Our theater arts department offers instruction in advanced, intermediate and beginning acting. In addition, students can study stagecrafts, which includes lighting and sound design as well as stage management. Our students produce two plays a year, including an always popular musical, under the direction of teacher Alexandra Dido. You can Like us on Facebook, El Molino Theater Arts.

Jolene Johnson, Dance Director
Email: [email protected]

Dance Program Schedule

2014 Winter Dance Showcase: Members of the El Molino Dance Company, along with students in the Intermediate, Advanced and Choreography Classes, will present the Winter Dance Showcase on December 4, 5 & 6 at 7:30 P.M. in the Café Theater. Largely student choreographed, this production promises to entertain and impress. Students in the above groups have begun work on the dances to be presented and are looking forward to showcasing their choreographic and performing talents. Tickets will go on sale the week prior to the performance.

El Molino

More than 30 clubs offer enriching opportunities for El Molino teens. The Interact Club does service projects that benefit the community and encourage international understanding. The Raza Club explores and enjoys the Chicano/Latino culture. The Green Team promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Friday Night Live works to prevent underage drinking and other substance use. Safe School Ambassadors are trained to prevent bullying and violence. Future Farmers of America promote agriculture leadership and education. Encore members love to sing.

The Auto Club, the Bible Club, the Computer Club, the Diversity Club, the French Club, the Intellectual Society, the Photography Club, the Science Club, the Sculpture Club, Young Republicans ... from A-Y, El Molino has a club for you. Or get your friends together and start your own. Clubs are fun!


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