Welcome to the Career Center

Hello Students and Parents of El Molino!

Announcements, workshops and due dates will be updated on this calendar. Please also check your student emails for other things such as job postings, program announcements and any other relevant college and career information.


The College and Career Center is a resource to help prepare you for life beyond high school.

  • If you plan to go to college, you should stop by for information and assistance.
  • If you do not plan to go to college, you should stop by for information and assistance.

That means, every single student should come and see Mrs. Amy Miller in the College and Career Center (and the earlier the better).

Please explore the website’s pages which have helpful links and instructions to resume building, job hunting, scholarship information and more. Please take advantage of our new program Naviance which has extensive information on careers and colleges.

If you have any requests or feedback for this website resource, please contact me and share your thoughts.


May your futures be fruitful and fulfilling!


The Counseling Department 


Counseling Department

Claudia Camacho-Gonzalez (Students last names A – H and ESL) [email protected]

Marilu Saldana (Students last names I – Z) msaldana[email protected]

To contact counselors call the Counseling Secretary
Mrs. Darlene Packard [email protected]


El Molino’s CEEB code is 050947

A CEEB code is a standardized ID number that is assigned to a high school, college, or university.  CEEB codes are issued by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).  These 4- to 6-digit codes are mostly used in college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.  Many universities have opted to use CEEB codes on their applications.

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